Sunday, 6 May 2018

NLC Hyperchaos Deluxe

These are my build notes for the NLC Hyperchaos Deluxe module.
It's a nonlinearcircuits eurorack  module.

There are 10different CV outputs and 2gate outputs

The CV IN is associated with the CLIMAX pot which determines how high the peaks go. The module can be greatly influenced by the CV in signal and can exhibit some fairly nutty responses at times.

The virgin PCBs
The Rate input can be used in a few different ways:
 1. With nothing patched in the circuit operates in slow mode
 2. With a cable patched in, but its other end hanging loose, the circuit operates in fast mode. 
 3. Feed a gate signal to the Rate input and the circuit will vary between fast and slow modes (gate high = slow)
 4. Feed a fast clock signal and you can get the circuit to operate at different speeds. 

This is quite dependent upon the frequency of the incoming clock and can take some tweaking to get right. If the clock is too fast it will mainly appear to be in slow mode
NLC is as aussie as vegemite.

Politenessman is a comic.... from National Lampoon.
It's true, even synths look better on doilies.

Headers, etc

NEXT, insert LEDS.

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