Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine

I'm considering selling my HR-16
Its been a handy drum that I've owned for many years but I seem to be moving back into Euro drums these days so i might let it go.

Some pics before I sell it.

tHE instruction manual is in the lid.
 The HR-16 have been used by the likes of  OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark), Arrested Development, They Might Be Giants, Orbital, The Grid, Autechre, Sub Dub and the Stereo MC's.

 iT HAS its own built in sequencer, but also has midi in and out... for clocking. Syncing can also be accomplished with tape sync.

The internal SEQUENCER can be recorded in 2 classic modes:
A- step mode (resolution up to 1/64 th)
B- real time with 10 quantizes levels and 9 swings/shuffle levels.
This was one of Alesis's first drum machines, with 49 samples including 10 kicks & 7 snares, 7 toms, 3 HH, 3 cymbals, 21 percussion.
The sounds were stored on internal ROM. (It is possible to reprogram the PCM EPROMS with custom sounds).

 Kick Drums: 22 inch Power Kick,- 24 inch Power Kick, 22 inch Deep Kick, 20 inch Swift Kick,- 22 inch Double Head Kicks , 22 inch 60's Kick , 22 inch Gated Kick , Electronic Kick 1 , Electronic Kick 2
Snares: 8 inch x 14 inch Wood Snare , Ambient Wood Snare , Brass Piccolo Snare , Gated Snare , Electronic Snare, Rim Shot Snare , Side Stick Snare , Brush Hit Snare

Toms:  10 inch Power Tom , Power TOM , 10 inch Double Head Tom , 14 inch Double Head Tom, Electronic Tom

Closed High-Hats A&B , Half-open High-Hat , Open High-Hat 13 inch , Foot-closed High-Hat

Cymbals: Ride Cymbal , Ride Cymbal Bell , Crash Cymbal

There were also lots of unusual percussion sounds like:
Timbale , High & Low Conga , Large Woodblocks , Small Woodblocks, A&B Cabasa , Maracas A&B
  Shaker , Agogo Bell , Medium Cowbells , Large Cowbells , Triangle , Tambourine 16 inch , Handclaps,  Finger Snaps, Drum Sticks 

It came out in 1988. 
Though the 16 bit drum sounds are at times cheesy, but they can be tuned and they each have individual level controls for mixing.
 oNE of the reasons I might keep this is to circuit bend. There are a number of websites with what look like great mods. Circuitbenders mods them £90.

Weight is 3kg


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