Thursday, 10 May 2018

NLC Resonate - build notes

These are my build notes for the Nonlinearcircuits Resonate module.
It's in the Eurorack Format.

The Resonate Module uses the core circuit of the Korg 3100 Resonator, with component choices for the filter sections as per the mods introduced by RJB in his blog back in 2005.
The  Korg PS3100 is famous for the sound of its resonator.

The main difference of the NLC version is that it has 4 VC bandpass stages and a feedback control, whereas the original has 3 stages and no feedback. The 4 VC bandpass stages can be controlled by a single CV on input 1 (with an attenuator) or individually with each of the 4 CV inputs.
The CV processing sub-circuits are greatly simplified from the original Korg version, simply using op amps to drive the vactrols.
The 2 inputs are summed together. Out 2 is an inverted version of Out 1.

Demo Video -

sOME NLC words of wisdom
Nouveau shamanic - another Nicolas Cage Reference.
Nouveau Shamanic is the name he's given to his personal acting style.
 "thousands of years ago, the tribal shamans were really actors. What they would do is they would act out whatever the issues were with the villagers at that time, they would act it out and try to find the answers or go into a trance or go into another dimension, which is really just the imagination, and try to pull back something that would reflect the concerns of the group."

Back to the build.
I like to get the ICs on first.
I'm using a new solder:
This is brilliant stuff. It's not cheap, but flows so easily and is only 0.35mm. It's 5 core.
I've up to now been using 0.7mm single core.

tHESE rectifiers are a protection against plugging in the module backwards.

I'm using 1.0 K resistors for the RLs - LED resistors.

I'm using NSL vactrols

The white dot on the vactrol is the cathode.
On the PCB, the cathode is marked "k"
Install the headers which join the two PBCs


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