Monday, 9 April 2018

NLC Triad - Build notes - Triple Envelope Generator

Looks like a nice compact EG module. It's in the Eurorack format.
It's a easy build too.

"These are AR or AD generators that will fire on a trigger or a gate, giving envelopes up to approx 25 seconds. A single gate to input 1 will fire all 3 envelopes, when nothing is plugged into inputs 2 & 3."

There are three envelopes in the one package.

Andrew's Blog notes are here:

His Build guide is here:

If you are using a gate to trigger the envelope, once the attack stage is over the envelope will stay high until the gate finishes and then it begins the release stage.

When building remember that the LEDs are an integral part of the circuit.
Andrew recommends I use ultra-or super-bright LEDs. So depending upon the V ON of my LEDs,
I may need to have to adjust the  LED resistors (1k or 4k7 resistors) to get envelopes hitting the desired voltage. The target is to get 5-7V envelopes.

Each module used three 555 timer chips.

Andrew recommends using 22μF capacitors to get envelopes lasting approx. 25 seconds.
I'll stick with this on this build. I guess you can use larger caps if you want longer envelopes or smaller caps for shorter ones. I have two more triad PCBs to build and might experiment with cap sizes (even on the same board) on these later builds.

I usually put the ICs on first, then the rest of the passive SMD.
 pOTS & jacks next.
Don't forget the ground leads on the jacks.
Nice !

You can find more NLC builds here.

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  1. Damned if I can figure out how to get 5 to 7 volt envelopes. Using the stock SynthCube kit I get 3.5 v envelopes... pretty crappy.