Sunday, 8 July 2018

Deluge - Synthstrom Audible

Thanks to Ian from Synthstrom ( and the organisers of New Sound Waves) for this live demo.
Held in Sydney

I'm very tempted to purchase a Deluge.

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Some pics:

Ian also brought along one of the early existing Deluges.

It's interesting to see how it it has developed into the current beast.
The Deluge was developed in New Zealand
It's a drum machine, a synth. It integrates with Midi and voltage controlled synths.

Testing the Deluge with some eurorack gear (Metromodular).

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  1. I've had it for two months and highly recommend. The kits are good as are the sounds but pale next to the simplicity of setting up sequence lines for multiple other units. Im still outside the box and this helped a lot.