Thursday, 29 August 2019

Midi triggering the 1010 bitbox

I'm loving the bitbox.

It's a great sampler ... reminds me of the Roland SP 404 or a AKAI MPC
I've been searching for the best midi sequencer to pair with this module.
I've had success with the Arturia Beatstep Pro (the drum sequencer section) and the Roland TR-8

Midi note numbers output from the tr 8.
The Roland TR-8  outputs midi from channel 10. The midi note numbers are as follows:
Bass Drum - 36
Snare Drum - 38
Low Tom - 43
Mid Tom - 47
High Tom - 50
Rim Shot - 37
Hand Clap - 39
Closed HiHat - 42
Open HiHat - 46
Crash Cymbal - 49
Ride Cymbal - 51

Luckily, the bitbox also responds to midi on channel 10.
Midi input can also be used to modulate some parameters in the bitbox.

Ive seen the cirklon sequencer also used very effectively on the 1010.

Let me know if you of any other sequencers that pair well with the bitbox

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