Wednesday, 5 November 2014

ARP 2500 - Envelope Generators

A bit of experimentation with the 1046 Module - The Quad Envelope Generator.

This is a 1046 which is basically a 1003 + 1033.
Used to produce repeatable CVs of  0 to +10V & 0 to -10V.

ARP 2500 EGs have both Gate & Trig inputs (G & T).
The G & T inputs can be found at both the top & bottom of the module.
The Gate is an on/off signal with duration.
The Trigger is more of an sharp impulse with no duration.

This is a really cool feature. If you apply another trigger signal while the gate is still present the cycle
will restart. ..a good way for creating multi-peak envelopes.

There are 4 main adjustable parameters : Attack Time, Initial Decay, Sustain, Final Decay (Release).
and  two Delay time pots that are used when in multiple mode (arranged in four vertical rows
of 4 pots, 5 pots, 4 pots, 5 pots).
The Delay time feature permits the user to delay the attack of an envelope (3 milliseconds to 3 seconds).

When the Trigger Mode switch is in the Multiple setting you need both gates & triggers to activate an envelope. In the single mode, only a gate is required (T not needed).

If  the gate is suddenly removed in the middle of a cycle the voltage returns to 0V

patch pic 1

patch pic 2

 1047 Multimode filter & 1006 FiltAmp Module

The VCOs : 1004-T & 1023


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