Sunday, 23 November 2014

Boss (Roland) DR-110 Drum Mchine - Dr Rhythm Graphic.

The Boss DR-110 (Dr Rhythm Graphic).

This baby dates from 1983. (The same year that Roland released the TR 909).
It's tiny: 190×110×30mm and only weighs 450g.

 There is water damage on the LCD screen but it still works.

The drum sounds can be played manually from rubber pads.
It sounds a bit like my TR-606. The sounds areBD, SD,Open HH, Closed HH, Cymbal, HC
The tempo ranges between 45 and 300 bpm. Sadly it takes a bit of guesswork to work out the speed.
as the dial only has the marking "slow" & fast".
The balance knob varies the level of the BD, snare and clap relative to the other sounds, 

I understand that it's the very last analog drum that Roland / Boss produced from the 80s.
It's still pretty cheap today. You can still find these on Ebay for around $100.

 9v centre negative tip. A standard DC adapter works. The socket on the right is a accent trigger out.

The main output is mono. This output  jack is quite unusual as it's also an input.

By this I mean that you can input external sounds if you have a pair of headphones plugged it. (P-BUS). This allows you to plug in a synth for example and listen to it while also hearing the drums through the one pair of headphones. No mixer required.

Anyway, this is a very nice and easy drum for circuit bending. It's kinda like a poor mans 606.

The DR-110 used a 4-bit Hitachi HD33790A44 CMOS microprocessor and 1KB of μPD444C RAM memory.

Here is the operational manual:

Sadly, there are no outputs,dinsync, or other controls for the individual sounds. But this is a drum ripe for modifications  Here are some cool 110 bending & modding sites: 
For more info on the history of Roland Drum Machines click here

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