Saturday, 15 November 2014

Roland TR-77 (Bentley Rhythm Ace) drum with Buchla & Euro

A record of last weeks jam with Paul A (Cobramatic).

Playing around with lots of Buchla, Euro modular stuff and attempting to sync with old drum machines. Mainly Roland. The CR 68 has a very nice & useful trigger out which is handy for sync/clocking purposes.
The machine below is called the "Bentley Rhythm Ace FR8L"
 It is actually the model that precedes the Roland TR77. The TR77 is almost identical but has a slightly different layout and features.The TR 77 is a bit older and doesn't have any triggers out or in.


Still its a beauty. Incredible lush warmth from the kick. It uses all discrete components & analogue voice circuits to produce its drum sounds. "TR" stands for "transistor rhythm" It was produced in 1972. It was I believe Roland's first drum machine.

 It was one of a trio of drum machines released by Roland that year: the 33,55 & the 77.
 The Bentley has what must be one of the sexiest start/stop switches around ..... esp as its from 1972.
Its a touch sensitive metal plate.

We had to pass this through a Buchla 230 to enable clocking. Seems to work OK.

 The Buchla 230 is mounted on its side in this case to save room.

a Short video:
Sorry about the audio quality

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