Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Function Generator - LZX Industries build pics & notes

 These are my build notes for  the Function Generator of LZX Industries. It's a nice easy build. The kit is only $99 (including components).

The FG  is a non-linear amplifier that produces an output which is an arbitrary function of the input signal.
It's great for solarization & waveshaping.

The input signal is split into three regions - Light, Mids, and Dark. These outputs can be amplified or inverted. This module was adapted from one built in the 1970's by Dan Sandin at the University of Illinois at Chicago

His Sandin Image Processor is a classic.
ETC (The Experimental Television Center) has a wealth of info about this synthesizer.

Muffs also has lots on this module.
And LZX's build notes and schematics are here:

The virgin PCB & faceplate.

 Resistors, diodes & ferrite beads first.

 IC headers, & caps next.
*** Ammendment : I may need to remove these IC scokets. Video circuits apparently are very sensitive to stray capacitance... this may occur in the ICsockets****

 These pots go in next:

Next mount the switch & jacks:
Install the power header:

Wire it all up & you're done :-)
I'm slowly building up a Modular Video Synth.
This comprises mainly LZX & Brown Shoes Only Modules.
Dave Jones is another manufacturer who deserves to be mentioned.
I've been waiting for his new Video Synth to appear for ages.

There is also the option to use modules not designed for video.
Here is a useful link:

Audio Oscillators with the LZX Visionary
(WMD Gamma Wave Source, Wiard Oscillator, MakeNoise QMMG, and the Toppobrillo TWF) 
Roland V-Synth XT as a Video Oscillator (waveforms)
What the Malekko Wiard Anti-Oscillator looks like and what the LZX VWG sounds like
Moddemix VS. LZX
Cwejman SPH-2 demo as a video module
LZX + Doepfer A137-2 Wave Multiplier
A-136 Solarization Tests
Colors of Shadows
WMD - Synchrodyne - LZX VIDEO

("Lovely filter that makes video look awesome. Syncs to verticals and horizontal.")

Livewire AFG ??
anti oscillator
Doepfer A-111 - VCO 
Doepfer A-110 VCO - I'm using this . Works well.
Doepfer A137-2, A196, A126 ???
Doepfer A- 170 - slew limiter.
PEG - pingable EG
Intellijel Planar
Malekko Envelator and Maths - yes !!!
Malekko Borg ("pretty for smearing out video") 
Cwejman S1
Harvestman oscillators - Piston Honda,- Hertz D 
Intellijel Dr Octature II 4 Pole Low Pass Filter & Octature Sine Wave VCO
Dr Octature 1
A envelope follower and quadrature lfo ??
Doepfer A143-9 Quadrature VCLFO 
Doepfer A-151 V2 Quad sequential switch
Doepfer Sample and Hold  
4ms Rotate Clock Divider
Morphing Terrarium

Intellejel planar  
Intellejel Spock ("cool stuff to video via its logic magic")  

A replacement for the LZX Audio Frequency Decoder might be a attenuator 
like the Doepfer A-183-3 to reduce modular level voltages to LZX levels (0-1Vpp).
Normal line levels (like out of a DJ mixer) might work un-attenuated. They are around 1.4Vpp
Some sort of BP filter that splits the frequencies would prob be a good addition
Syncing the visual cortex.
 "I would add since having the VSG as the main SYNC out that I just use the RCA out's of the Color Video Encoder as my Genlock signal for both of my external TBC's. The Color Video Encoder is connected with the same custom cable from the VSG and then to the VC. It works great as the main Genlock source.

 BTW if anyone is curious as to the cable configuration all you need is the first pair from the 14 pin connector(marked in red), those are the ground signal, and the last pair as that seems to be the sync signal. Take those wires and solder them to a male rca plug and then plug it into the 'sync in' of the VC and then switch the dip switch to slave." (DSC).

1. Frame Generators Vs TBC
2. MFB VD-01 to LZX
3. Audio Frequency Decoder
4. syncing the Visual Cortex

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