Thursday, 2 November 2017

EHX Black Russian Big Muff

I think this Electro-harmonic Big Muff dates from around 2004.
Power was from a 9V battery only. A red LED light shows when the circuit is on.
Note the  “chicken head” style knobs 
.....and the lack of an AC power adaptor jack. 
Notice also that there are only 4 screws .. therefore it's most likely a second edition V8.
The 1st edition had 6 screws.
 Versions 7-8 only run on 9V DC power. The V8 was the last Big Muff ever made in Russia.
For some first editions and all second edition V8s,  the words "MADE IN RUSSIA" on the back panel was moved under the input jack.

 The resistors all look to be metal film.

The V8's used 547C transistors, and all second editions had a true bypass switch, which this has.

+ mods to Russian Big Muffs

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