Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Brain Custard - NLC Build notes

My notes for the Nonlinearcircuits Brain Custard Eurorack module.
This version of the module will be for audio rates, but you can also build this to produce CVs.

It's kind of like the Jerk Off module in that it uses chaotic oscillators.
The Brain Custard has "9 audio rate chaotic signals mixed to form 'neuron clusters'
The idea is that the low frequency patterns will emerge from the mayhem.
Really it will be vaguely controllable noise and lots of it.....with LEDs."

No rare or hard to source parts. Yah !!!
Just four TL074s & one TL072
Mostly SMD passives.
"c" = 100K
"1" = 1K

For the Audio version install all eighteen 10K resistors.
For the CV version six of the 10k resistors need to be replaced with 47k resistors
Some very good advice. :-)

I like to install the ICs first.

"Inputs can be anything; audio, gates, triggers or CV. Depending upon the pot settings, the input signals may do a lot or do little. The X, Y & Z outputs are mixes from the same stages of different oscillators, consider them minor Σ (sum) neurons. Custard is just everything jammed in together, so the main output neuron. Blend is the X, Y & Z outputs mixed together via the Blend pots, these pots have +/-1 gain, meaning when the pot is at 0 the signal is inverted and if the pot is at its mid-point the signal is off."

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