Monday, 27 November 2017

CEM3340 VCO - NLC - Build notes

These are my build notes for the CEM3340 VCO module. It's a  Nonlinearcircuit eurorack module using the CEM3340.

The CEM3340 is a completely self contained VCO on a single chip.

It featured 4 waveforms : triangle, pulse, square & sawtooth (though they are at different levels). The VCO is extremely stable eliminating the need for a temperature compensation tempco resistor.
The CEM3340 is extremely unusual in that it offers both Hard and Soft Sync inputs (pin 6 and pin 9).

It has featured in many famous synths of yesteryear including Roland's Super Jupiter MKS-80 & SH101, Sequential's Prophet 5.3, The ProOne, the OB-Xa & Prophet T8 and Moog's Memorymoog,

sOME nlc words of wisdom


There are 3 trimpots:
10k trimpot 10 turn - Tadya A-586
20K single turn - A 2504
100K single turn  A 2506
I only had the 20K on hand so used some non tayda pots for the rest. I'll see how this goes.
Might have to replace them in the future.

There are 10 X B100k linear pots .

 Mount the switch, jacks & posts loosely, then solder after securing into place with the panel
This is what the rear looks like.

Another happy customer.

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To be continued.....

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