Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sequential Circuits - Drumtraks - Drum Tracks

Some pics of my old Drumtraks. I'm considering selling this.
To quote Vintage Synth:
"While its electronic drum kit sounds may not be as popular today as the TR-909 or TR-808, the DrumTraks exceeds them with superior editing capabilities."
Main panel features a segment display, 13 dynamic trigger pads, 9 buttons and numeric pad.
I'll probably miss this if I do decide to sell , but I'm running out of room. I have too many drum machines.
The Drumtracks hails from 1984.
 At the time of its manufacture it was the only drum machine that let you program both volume and tuning individually for each sound.

 The inclusion of Midi lets you program all your drum parts, including volume dynamics and accents in real time from any velocity sensitive instrument, such as the Prophet-T8.

The clock in and out is very useful.
DrumTraks can output a clock signal and is also fully MIDI capable. This makes it very easy to use with old analogs and new MIDI synths and sequencers.
- analog sync IN at 24 /48 /96 PPQ resolution, but it outputs only at 24 / 48 PPQ 

The metronome out generates +5V pulses.
The cassette in/out is for offline memory storage.

There are six individual outputs, one mono mix output.
The drum has an onboard mixer.
Each of its 13 different drum sounds had its own programmable tuning and volume controls.
The 13 sounds include bass drum, snare, rimshot, tom (x2), crash cymbal + ride, open/ closed hihat, handclaps, tambourine, cabasa and cowbell.

 The Pattern edit section

You can store 100 patterns & build 100 songs.
The song edit section with its  9 button numeric pad.

The drum uses PCM waveform samples coded at 12 bit resolution. They are stored on socket EPROMS (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memories).
It is possible to change the soundset by swapping the eproms.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 21 3/8 x 10 x 4 inches
Power: 110 V AC

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