Thursday, 30 October 2014

ARP 2500 - first patch

This is a first experimental patch on the ARP 2500.
I'm still getting used to using the matrix rather than traditional cables. It takes a bit of
getting used to & is definitely less messy and easier to record patches.

I'll upload pics of the patches as I work through my experiments so if you wish to duplicate them on your own modular go right ahead.

If you are an owner of a 2500 please write.
I'd love to swap & share ideas, patches, etc.

Left side. Modules used are 1004 & 1023 oscillators, 1047 (filter resonator), 1006 Filter/Amp, 1046 Quad EG (envelope generator),

On the right we have a 10 stage sequencer (1027 - The Clocked Sequential Control Module)  & a mix sequencer (1050).

The 1050 mix sequencer is especially interesting. I have never come across anything like it.
It's a rather unusual 8 channel or two 4 channel mixer. More about this later.

I'd like to thank Mini & all the staff from ToneTweakers in NYC
who lovingly restored this grand lady. Great job guys


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  2. Thanks for the link. I love DJing & dance music

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