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mODCAN format - Cynthia programmer.

Cyndustries has been out of business for a bit so these are getting hard to find.
Even Cynthia's website is no more, so those old manuals, are sadly gone from the net.
If someone out there does have copies I'd be so grateful if you could contact me.
Anyway, these modules use the Modcan A format.
BENARES is a reference to Serge Tcherepnin.
Back in March 1977 Mr Serge Tcherepnin wrote a do it yourself article in Synapse Magazine for a voltage "Programmer" module. He published it using the alias of Mr. "Arpad Benares" .

The Modcan-A format uses a module height of 9", and a horizontal unit of 2.25".
Banana jacks are used.
A yellow jack indicates an output of some sort;
A gray jack is a signal input;
A white jack indicates a control voltage input;
A red jack is a trigger or gate input (or output in this case).

Each button has an individual gate output and gate input to activate other
modules in your system.
There is also a Common Pulse Out (CPO) jack to
fire your envelope generator no matter which of the buttons is pushed.
The AEP jack --- At End Pulse ...sends a pulse once the last step is reached. handy for switches, reset, transistional events etc 

The format uses ±15V power. The power connector used is a 3-pin MTA-156 connector.
It's very similar to the MOTM format, in which a distribution board connected to the power supply is connected to modules using short power cords with female connectors on both ends.

 Is that a CGS logo on one of the PCBs?

Modcan A modules are 9" high (5u is 8.75 inches) and single width modules are 2.25" wide
The most compact packaging is the Cyndustries sixpacks (13.5" x 9" x 7"). These are entirely different from the dimensions of 19" racks.

This programmer seems very similar to a Serge Programmer. 

But it does have its differences too which makes it worthwhile having. I really dig the extra step and voltage row on the modcan version. Plus those step inputs are so cool. .. you can step back and forward with different lfos

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These programmers can be chained to increase the step length.
Excuse the poor mobile phone audio.
As I don't have a manual I just winged it a bit.
These ribbon cables are how the chaining is accomplished.

i SET up the 3 programmers in a 10/5 step configuration.

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