Friday, 26 January 2018

227r - System Interface

Some initial tests of a Buchla format 227r.
This is a early rev1 that uses vactrols. It's been many years since I first purchased the PCBs but finally it's working with the help of Dave Brown and his wonderful site ModularSynthesis.

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Information on this module is rather scarce.

These days music is generally played in a stereo format but the 227r is all about Quad Sound.
It's quite a wonderful module. The 4 inputs can be assigned to 4 speakers (2 front, 2 rear at the four corners of your room). This is all voltage controllable.

All the sounds are patched out via the card.
I'm considering making a breakout cable so this card doesn't have to be left plugged into the patchbay.
I'm concerned the weight of too many cables could cause damage.

Another option is a make a preconfigured patch card:
This patches my chosen outputs through the Tape1/2 & Aux1/2 at the front of the module.

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