Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ian Fritz 2 x AD/AR - build

These are not official build notes.. just some pics to help future trouble shooting.
The module was actually really easy to build and uses easy to find parts.

It's a cost-effective alternative to other designs & will take just about any signal you feed it and generate an envelope. Quite a dense build and only 4 hp.

If you use a trigger pulse, the unit's output is an attack-decay (AD) envelope.
If you use a gate its output is an attack-release (AR) envelope.

 The BOM called for
2 x 9mm 250kA Logarithmic alpha potmeters or similar AttackA, AttackB
2 x 9mm 1MA Logarithmic  alpha potmeters or similar Dec/RelA, Dec/RelB

 I couldn't source the A250K pots so used B250K pots instead.

From the build notes
"other potmeters with different values or taper are also possible but they change the range in possible attack and decay/release times (or the curve)"

"The trigger pulse may be initiated by any signal with a positive-going 1.5 V crossing, for example, a trigger pulse or a waveform from an LFO, noise source or chaos generator."

" in the original design the output is to low (around 2v), I recommend to remove the voltage divider before the output if you want the output around 7.75v (remove r12 and short the holes of r11)
or leave r11 2.2k) and replace r12 to 4.7k if you want it around 5v. (Modular Addict)
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