Thursday, 27 September 2018

3 trins -video synth plugin - 2xSPDT & 4XSPST

Some pics of my build for the 1st of 4 new plugins for the 3-trins video synthesizer by
Gijs Gieskes

The official plug-ins page is here.

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This (as the name implies) uses 6 push button switches.
Two single pole, double throw (SPDT)  & four  single pole , single single throw (SPST)
Looks like switches A & B are the SPDT.
Switches C,D,E,F are the SPST
These will turn on & off any extra connections you that you choose to make using the upper header patch bay.
aND the other side:

 The upper header first;
Such a simple build. Now to try some patches:

tHE switch system is really cool and easy.

The inputs and outputs of the SPDT switches (buttons A & B) are on the left of the module.
Connections for Switch A is on the front & for switch B on the back.
 For switch A:

So you would connect any inputs to AP1 and outputs to AT1 & AT2
The right side (front) has connections for the C & D switches.

That same side on the rear has connections for E & F. (FR,FT & EP,ET)


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