Sunday, 23 February 2014

Phuture - Acid Tracks - TB 303 remix

Released way back in 1987, Acid Tracks (Trax) is credited as being the first track to
feature the "squelch" sound of the Roland TB 303.
The 12 inch single lays claim to being the first-ever acid house record.

Original 12" Track listing
1   "Acid Tracks" (11.17)
2  "Phuture Jacks" (4:45)
3 "Your Only Friend" (5:10)

 Phuture (also called Phuture 303) was a Chicago-based group  founded in 1985 by Spanky, DJ Pierre (Nathaniel Pierre Jones) and Herb J.

This version is not meant to be an exact remake. The original was 11.17 mins long and is drenched in reverb. The track is very simple. Just 8 notes repeated over and over again.B,B,C,C',C,D#,D#,C'.

Mine is rather shorter .. 5.5 mins, without any external processing.
Recorded in a single take with just a Roland TB 303 & TR 606 on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The drums are on the right channel & the 303 on the left. So to hear it properly listen on some good speakers.
Headphones might be a problem.


  1. Brilliant!
    How were you able to re-create the notes?
    Also, have you tried to re-create basslines from other Chicago acid tracks, such as Fast Eddie's "Acid Thunder" or Pierre's "Pfantasy Girl"?

    1. Hello,
      programming the 303 is easy. here is a tutorial:
      I haven't done either Fast Eddie's "Acid Thunder" or Pierre's "Pfantasy Girl.
      I'll do these for you when I work out the right notes.

  2. Thanks Jon! Found a good start on Acid Thunder!

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