Thursday, 22 May 2014

Buchla Case - 16U

Been playing around with a few possible configurations for a upcoming gig with my mate Paul A.
So I decided upon converting an old DJ turntable road case rather than take the standard delicate
Buchla boats.

Calibrating the 208r

The final choice of modules is still up in the air.

Maybe this for the lower boat ? A 259 & 258v ???

Or maybe this ?

The "final setup" - is there really such a thing ??.
One DJ case with 16U of buchla.

I finally went with the 208 in the base.
On the top we have Roman's 289r, 255 CV processor, 291r filter & a 267e
Next 258v VCO, 259r, VCO & the 247v sequencer

Let the party begin.

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  1. looks real great -- were these DIY buchla modules?