Friday, 23 May 2014

NonLinearCircuits 6 panel portable case

I commissioned  this case to house some of my NLC and Serge panels.
I wanted a portable case to carry to gigs with enough space above the panels to be able to close the case
without having to remove patch cables.
Many thanks to Nathan for his excellent work.

Solid construction.

Panel 1:                                             Panel  2:                                         Panel 3:                        
New Timbral Oscillator                   Random Source                               Sequencer
Precision VCO                              Smooth/Stepped Generator               ASR
+ N Comp                                     Dual/Transient Generator                  Active Processor
Pulse divider                                  Dual Processor                               Dual VC Clock
Triple Wave Shaper                        Dual Universal Slope Generator        Pulse Divider
Audio mixer                                  Quadrature Oscillator                       Boolean Logic
X Fader                                                                                              4 Stage Sequencing
Variable Q VCF                                                                                   Programmer
Universal Audio Processor

Panel 1:                                      Panel  2:                                         Panel 3:                        
NLC VCO 1                            ADSR 1                                           It's a 555... Resonator
NLC VCO 2                            ADSR 2                                           Bleeding Gate 1 & 2
Mixer                                     CV Processor                                  Jerk Off 3 & 4
VCA                                      Conjoined Transient Generators         Spam Filter
LFO 1                                    Jerk Off 1 & 2                                  Arp Filter
LFO 2                                    Neuron 1, 2, 3 & 4                           Divine CMOS
Envelope Generator                Transient Generator                           

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