Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bruel & Kjaer - Precision Sound Level Meter

This is such a beautiful instrument. The Bruel & Kjaer 2203 /2004/ 2209 - Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter..
It's the mother of all sound meters.

When it came out in 1960 it was the world’s first precision hand-held and transitorised sound level meter.
All the other instruments had valves.
Produced for 21 years, it sold a record number of 17300 units.

The build quality is superb !!!  & I love the Danish design.
I own two. It's big, heavy & built like a tank. Still working after 50 years.

Below is a later model : The 2209 (peak detector) in it's lovely padded case.
The manual describes it as " a compact & portable instrument for precision sound & vibration measurements".

An excerpt from the manual.

The microphone with its flexible adapter.

This is a windscreen.... used to reduce the noise generated by gusts of wind. The microphone sits inside.

The condenser microphone.

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