Friday, 20 June 2014

Buchla 200e filters - 291e & 296e

Playing around on my 200e.
The sound of a 200e is unique....  it's oh so different from your standard modular. (even from the Buchla 200 & 100 series).
Today I decided to play with the 200e filters... mainly the 296e (spectral processor) & 291e triple morphing filter.
The audio sounds distorted on youtube, but I thought its still worth keeping for the record.
This is my 200e case at the moment. I'm trying to restrict myself to 16U of 200e modules.
There are just 3 filters in this system: the 296e,the 292 & the 291.They occupy 4U/16U
Don B doesn't seem to use filtering very much. The Buchla method appears to be more about wave shaping.
It's not your standard "East Coast" style of subtractive synthesis.

Under this mess there is a 291e. Its a wonder !!!

Basically the 296e processes audio from the 2 VCOs. This is passed to the 291e & 292e.
The 296e also has 16 EGs which can be used to modulate to your hearts content.

The 251e. Its an awesome sequencer with a small footprint.

This is a unedited version of the vid

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