Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tenori-On and Buchla

Though the Tenori-On (hardware version) has been out for ages (since 2007-2008) there aren't many videos of it being used with a 200e Buchla.

Paul (Cobramatic) & I decided to trial the i-pad Tenori app and the hardware sequencer yesterday. Loved them both. Spoilt for choice.

 The Tenori-On i-pad app

Both the app and hardware Tenoris are unique ways to create music. There are 16 layers or for our purpose there are 16 channels of midi. The first 7 are very much like your standard midi sequencer.
Layers 8 to 11 use Random Modes. Layers 12 and 13 allow you to "draw" sequences. Layers 14 and 15 are unusual : called "Bounce" and "Push" Modes.

 The Tenori-On Hardware sequencer/synthesizer

The Buchla 225e - Midi Decoder & Preset Manager.

 Buchla 259

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