Sunday, 1 February 2015

Serge TKB build - Part 5 - Potentiometer boards.

This is the fifth stage of the Serge TKB build - Potentiometer boards.

The further I get into this project the more I realize this is not just a clone that I'm building. Like the original TKBs of the 1970's this project also comes as a kit. It has the blessing of Serge Tcherepnin himself and is the real deal brought to 21st century standards.

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The virgin Pot Boards

The first part of this section involves inserting 64 x 1M resistors.
That's 16 resistors per board..
This is so much easier to do in this modern kit as these 4 boards replace the wires that joined the pots & resistors found in vintage TKBs.

 Can you imagine having to wire this up back in the 1970's ??? :-(

And you will need 4 of these headers.

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