Thursday, 4 June 2015

TKB Build - 6 - The Touch Keys

The touch keyboard of the TKB is really really special. When I first saw one I was mesmerized. It reminded me of the stylophone that I owned as a child. The Serge TKB however, doesn't need a stylus.

If I understand this correctly the TKB uses the capacitance principle (not FSR - force sensing resistors).
where detection of the plate capacitance is important. Touch keyboards can be found in many instruments (both old & new). The stylophone, the EMS AKS, The PAiA drum & Buchla keyboards from the 60's to the present day are but a few examples.

Useful Links:
1. Muffwiggler Thread
2. That famous Synapse Article by Arpad Benares (care of Cyndustries)
3. PAiA - Touch switches (like those used on their Programable Drum Set)

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This part of the build involves installing the LEDs

These are tiny surface mounted components. Becareful when installing as they are easy to loose.

Mount as flat as you can & be careful of the orientation. The cathode is to the right.

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