Thursday, 27 October 2016

NLC BaDum TISS - drum module

These are my build notes for the nonlinearcircuits Badum TISS.
Badum Tisss is a snare/hi hat eurorack module.

 it mixes the sound from a VCO & noise circuit into a ring modulator.

The VCO is triggered with an envelope follower.
This EF also triggers a VCA further down the circuit.

Check out Andrews build notes for further info.

Sneaky Nuts??? s this a reference to Angry Boys?

Anyway, where did the name Ba Dum Tiss originate ?

The Urban Dictionary defines badum tish as
 "an onomatopeia for a drum technique normally accompanying the conclusion of a cheesy joke or a comedy pratfall (where someone is made to look like an idiot by their own devising - such as falling on a banana skin they earlier discarded). It consists of two fast rimshots and a splash cymbal - producing the sound "badum tish".

Firstly, get those pesky SMD ICs out of the way:

Rest of SMD next.

Just 2 transistors:
one BC847 NPN (marked by the "n") & one BC 857 PNP (identified on the PCB by the "p")

Now for the through hole stuff.

I had to drill an extra hole in the panel to accommodate the LED

Sounds Great!
Thanks Andrew.
You can find more NLC builds here.

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