Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Sound Waves Performance - 21st March, 2015

A New Sound Waves live performance at 107 projects, Redfern, Sydney AUSTRALIA
Sorry for the poor audio & video.
Here are a few snippets of video taken on the 21st March, 2015 in Sydney Australia.

Festival Details: http://107projects.org/event/open-107/

This was part of The New Sound Waves crew performing live modular audio and video synths.

NSWaves have their own blog on Tumbler
Here is the link to their meeting on the 21st March:

Video 3:
Live Video performed by Cobramatic using Roland V8 mixer, P10 clip launcher, ex security camera, Video Sythersiser and modules: LZX, MVIP and Geiskes 3TrinRGB+1c 
Video synth is synced to the Eurorack sound modules.

Video 4:

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