Sunday, 22 March 2015

Roland Phrase Lab - MC-09

The Roland MC-09 "PhraseLab" was first manufactured in 2002.
Roland describes it as a TB-303 emulator featuring an effects processor, a step sequencer and a 4 part phrase sampler.

It's basically a single DSP monosynth. .... ie, it's a digital synthesizer that uses digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to make musical sounds.There are bass (TB-303 emulator), lead and drums parts. There are six control knobs for tweaking the sounds.
They control tuning, Env Mod, Accent,cutoff, reso & decay for the lead & bass.
The rhythm section is the drum. The bottom 3 knobs set the volume for the bass drum, snare & high hats

There are 4 DSP effects : filter, Isolator, Phaser, Slicer.
You can apply these effects to any of the four audio loops (or to live inputs).in real time by tweaking the knobs C1,C2 & C3.

The audio looper is a bit limited in length (6 seconds) but it makes for excellent sounding one-measure techno.

You can either capture audio internally (from the bass, lead & rhythm sections) or externally via the RCA jacks. Once in the looper, the sounds can be layered and effects applied, live.

 Pattern sequencer for up to two measures with 16 beat per measure resolution

Midi in & out. (not thru).  Smartmedia storage. 

If you purchase a SM card make sure it meets these requirements:
Power Supply Voltage : 3.3V
Capacity: 2MB - 128 MB

RCA connections - a bit low quality.

1.  Roland MC-09 Original Demo
2.  Manual download

For more info on the history of Roland Drum Machines click here

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