Monday, 7 May 2018

Metro Modular - Superbooth 2018

A few pics of some Metro Modular Modules.
 tHIS is the "Test Eagle". I use it for connection of old lab oscillators and signal generators to my eurorack modules.
 Modular Grid

Metro Modular is a synth manufacturer from Sydney Australia.
Divkid interviewed Justin from MM in Germany at Superbooth 2
Check out the video here:

Another of the modules I own is the Steel Falcon VCF.
This uses the LM346.

 It is a much improved quad version of the LM4250 chip that is used in many Polivoks VCF clones (and the UA776 chip which was itself copied by the Soviets!) . The Steel Falcon is a cross between a Polivoks and a Roland system 100m filter.

The 3rd MM module I have is the MM315 balanced modulator.
 It's a ring modulator & VCA.

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