Monday, 8 December 2014


This beautiful drum machine was made in NEW YORK in 1978.
It's nearly 40 years old.
DRM = Digital Rhythm Matrix
The DRM 16 is a lovely red with a chrome metal sheen.

The 16 is the first in the DRM series (DRM 16, DRM 15 & finally the DRM 32)
They were also colour coded. The 16 is red, the 15 is blue & the 32 was green.

The DELETE dial is interesting. It allows you to remove various sounds such as the wood block and long and short cymbals.

The space drum switch adds an extra ?? into the beat. You can turn it off for 'normal' drum sounds

As far as I know, the 8 drum sounds  (kick, snare, open & closed hi-hat, conga, wood block, space drum and  handclap) are the same in each machine.

In my opinion, none of these sounds are anything like their "real" counterparts. I love this. It's cheezy and doesn't try to be anything but itself.

There are three outputs.
Outs 1 and 2 are the same. The 'Bass' output is logically, for the bass drum only.

The DRM 16 has (surprise, surprise) 16 available rhythms.
You need to use the two lower STYLE & COLUMN to select the available pattern.
The chart has 4 funk patterns, 4 disco, 4 rock (hard, boogie, soft, and slow), and 4 misc. (latin, reggae, cntry (country), and shuffle.

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