Friday, 12 December 2014

NonLinearCircuits - panel 7 & 8 installation (Vox & Drum)

Finally getting these puppies installed. The NLC synth is close to finished.
(One panel to go).

These are pics of the VOX panel:

The Veena module is based on a circuit that simulates Indian Instruments.
It takes its name from the family of Indian plucked string instruments bearing the Veena title.
Their origin can be traced back to the ancient yazh, a stringed instrument, similar to the Grecian harp.
There are many manufacturers of Indian electronic instruments. Probably the largest is Radel

Veena build MANUAL includes schematic (27/2/13)

Initial installation tests. Fits perfectly. :-)

These are pics of the Drum Panel (8):

Andrew has based the Dr GoGo drum on the old Roland Dr 55

The dual drum module named 'Die Blechtrommeln' is based on some old Japanese circuits.
It takes it's name from the 1979 German film 'The Tin Drum.
(the added 'n' is the plural form)
For more info check out Andrew's Blog

The Envelope follower can also be used as a attack-release envelope Gen.
+ 2 LFOs (triangle / square)

The QUO = Quadrature Oscillator.
There is also a low pass filter with chaotic feedback in this section.

The 2 VCAs are also ring modulators. These are based off an EMS Synthi E circuit.

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