Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Korg released the MR16 in 1985.

This is not exactly a drum machine. It doesn't possess a sequencer so you will need to trigger this with external hardware such as a MIDI keyboard, MIDI sequencer, or a computer equipped with a MIDI interface.

But if you like Korg's pre-MIDI drum machines such as the DDM110 and DDM220 then the MR16 will find a place in your studio. It uses their sampled sounds with all their glorious digital PCM quality and adds to this MIDI. (the DDM110 & DDM220 had DinSync).

Plus there are16 outputs for most of the sounds. The Snare & Rim share an output as does the Cow Bell/ wood block.

Accents can be effected by MIDI data. The MR 12 can be set to receive on any MIDI channel. Will also produce metronome sound based on MIDI timing clock.
Metronome-time Settings (4/4, 3/4)

These drum sounds each have their own level, pan control, and individual output. NICE.
The sounds are: Bass drum; Snare; Rim Shot; Low and Hi Toms; Closed and Open Hi-hat; Crash and Ride Cymbals; Hand Clap; Low and Hi Conga; Timbale; Tambourine; Cow bell; Woodblock; Cabasa; Low and Hi Agogo.

DIMENSIONS: 404(W) x 220(D) x 69(H) mm
WEIGHT: 2.5 kg
For more info on the history of Korg Drum Machines Click Here

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