Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Roland D2 - Groove Machine

This unit is a great groovebox. It's probably not for everyone but I love it.
And yes it's orange too !!! :-)
I laughed at this thing when it first came out. But now I think its a awesome
performance synth. It's sequencer is tight and they are still so cheap ($150) on ebay.

I understand that the D2 has the same synth engine as MC-505 and MC-307.
It has the same 8 part setup as the MC 303 (7 sounds plus one drum part).The synth engine is based on theSuper JV. It's like JV-1080 with different ROM waveforms - more techno oriented samples.

 The D-Field Controller - this is the heart & soul of the D2

 The D-pad is fun. You can do things like reverse the beat in real time, play arpeggiators and adlib instruments using your finger, use the filter etc.
Wanna spin your sequence backwards? This baby can.

Drum sounds: BD, SD,HH,Clap,Cymb,Tom/Perc, Hit.
There are 600 Preset patches and 30 Preset drum kits (from the MC-505).

 The Jog Wheel.

I use  this mainly as an 8 part multi-timbral sound module, and sometimes as a sequencer.
All the synth parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC - which includes 3 ADSR envelopes! (Amp/Filter/Pitch).

There are 3 modes: Sound, XY & Spin.
You can tweak the sounds and save your own creations into one of the 256 users patches.
The rear of the D2. Midi In/out & RCAs  & headphone out.
Would be nice if these were 1/4 inch jacks. The RCAs are aimed at the DJ market.

The PSU is a 9V DC.Centre negative

For more info on the history of Roland Drum Machines click here


  1. HEllo there,

    I was reading your post and had a question because I also have a D2 since shortly. There are 20 user-drumpatches. But how do you use them?
    Can you make your own set out of the factory userdrums or can you manipulate the factory drumpatches and save them?

  2. Hi. Cool looking D2, I like it quite a bit more over my orange D2. I've never seen a black D2 like that. Is it a limited run, or have you modified it or something?
    Anyway. D'you happen to have a list of CCs you use per channel?