Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sony DMX - R 100 Digital console

This was recently purchased from the ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) studios.
Aunty, as we like to nickname the ABC, was getting rid of superseded equipment at knock down prices.

I just couldn't resist this. Either I just bought a lemon with no chance of servicing or I got a bargain.
Time will tell.

I'm more used to analogue consoles but when these first came out in 2001 they were sold for around $30,000 (AUD). Mine : $3500

I really like the EQs & filters.

AUX SEND - It's a 8 channel BUSS

The screen is touch sensitive - just like a i-pad -- remember, this is 2001 technology.

A touch sensor for the surround pan :-)

All the functions are mirrored on the assignable panel
Extra Links:
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2. SOS article - version 2
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4. Quick Reference Manual

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