Saturday, 30 May 2015

ARP 2500 - Future Deep House

I've tried to keep this mix in the deep house style.

The original samples were recorded on this video:
The new mix is faster than the original.

The drums were added later along with some commercial loops.
I'm working on a new 2500 recording. All future samples will be original.

Some pics of the old patch:
From left to right we have:
1016: Dual Noise/Random Voltage Source. Contains two independent uncorrelated noise sources and filters to derive pink noise and continuous slow random voltages.
1004-T: Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Basic ARP precision VCO offering five simultaneous waveform outputs: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, and pulse. FM and PWM. Built-in waveform mixer.
1023: Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Two precision voltage controlled oscillators each similar electrically to the 1004.
1047: Multimode Filter/Resonator. Combination highpass, lowpass. bandpass, and band-reject filter. Ultra-high Q. Voltage controlled center frequency and resonance.
1006: Filtamp. A compact module containing a mixer, a voltage controlled lowpass filter, and a voltage controlled amplifier.
1005: Modamp. A complex function module containing a precision balanced modulator, a voltage controlled amplifier, and switching circuitry.
1046: Quad Exponential Envelope Generator: Ultra-compact module containing a pair of envelope generators without trigger delay and a pair with delay.
1036: Dual Sample & Hold/Random Voltage Generator. Contains two ultra-low-drift sample and hold circuits, two noise sources, and two voltage controlled pulse generators.

 On the extreme right we have:
1050: Mix/Sequencer. A combination sequencer, mixer, analog gate. Serves dozens of functions as a utility mixer, sequencer, preset function selector.
1027: Ten-Position Sequencer: Unusually flexible and reliable sequential voltage generator. Capable of creating highly complex switching patterns with 30 preset voltages.
(descriptions are care of VSE)

Below is a close up of he wonderful ARP2500 envelope generator.
For more info about the 1046 envelope gen click here

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