Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Serge Paperface Restoration - Warren Burt - 2/2

Finally I'm getting around to fixing the Warren Burt Serge Modular.
I think I purchased this synth back in 2013.
Sorry Warren that its taken so long to get started.

This is the second panel from the second box.

    Panel 2 of Box 2:
  • 1 Dual Positive Slew
  • 1 Dual Negative Slew
  • 2 Envelope Generators
  • 1 Triple Bi-directional Router
  • 1 Triple Comparator
  • 1 Schmitt Trigger 

----The power supply for this panel consists of  +12, -12, +6, & ground

Schmitt Trigger & Triple Comparator

The Blue wire seems to be ground. (marked as "W" on PCB)
The Green is I think +6V (Marked as "Y" on the PCB)
The PCB is labelled R11 

Below are some extra pics I have from a surplus vintage PCB.
Might be of use.



Bi directional router
This is marked as R4 on the PCB.

 Double check the wiring by looking at what the pads are labeled.

In this case, 
The blue wire at the bottom is -12V
Red is +12V
There is no 0V/GND connection to this module.
Envelope Generator. We have 2 of these

The boards are I believe 1st generation ... from 1973


 Double check the wiring by looking at what the pads are labeled.
Y=+ 6V

Blue (near the pots is marked W on the PCB) is ground.
Red (X) = +12V
Green (Y on PCB) = ??? My guess is its +6v.

Below are some pics from an extra Envelope Generator PCB. Its marked R7 so 
is possibly also 1st generation, 1973.
This is not part of the Warren Burt pile but it might help me work things out.
Lovely dark blue colour too.

I think this is a voltage divider circuit to create 6V from 12V.


Negative slew

2. CGS
3. Muffs

The 1973 PCB used +12, +6, -12 & ground.
The 1975 PCB used +/-12 V & ground.
So I'm guessing this is a 1975 PCB  as it uses +/-12 & 0V unless it has a on board 6V regulator.

The upper slew was working.
But not the lower. So i needed to trouble shoot this.
Positive Slew

2. CGS

This module appears to need +/-12V, +6V & ground
 The PCB is labelled R10.
X= +12V
Y= +6V
W= 0V
Z= -12V

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