Sunday, 11 February 2018

Bindubba sequencer - NLC build notes

This is a wonderful sequencer.
I have one of these in Serge format and can't wait to test the eurorack version.

The colour code for the 4U panel : Blue are inputs. Red are outputs.
This sequencer has two sets of inputs, a CV out, inverted CV out, glide out and 16 gate outs.
There are also two direction inputs to control forward and backward motion, and two reset inputs
Its interesting to have two different clocks. These will form complex patterns.

Here are some pics of the unbuilt Euro panel and PCBs.
The euro version of this sequencer, is designed to be used with the Divide & Conquer clock divider module (Divide and Conquer - build notes), though any two clocks will drive it. It's better if they are random, or running at different speeds.
The Divide & Conq, is also good for modulating the direction.
Something like the Triple Sloths, is good for modulating the horizontal / vertical jumps

The gate outs are useful for triggering drums, envelopes, pinging filters,

Plug modules like The Hypster ( chaos module) into the Slew inputs

Some NLC words of wisdom
Is this a reference to the 1997 film Con Air???? .... Nicolas Cage acted as Cameron Poe, the burdened soldier who just wants to go home. 

I'm using 680 ohm resistors for the LEDs.

I like to install the ICs first.
They are the fiddly bits. CMOS chips used: 4081, 4029, 4052
My vactrols have very variable off resistances....0.9M to 1.2M
I'll probably need to experiment with the caps. i'll stick with the 470nF caps for now as marked on the PCB.

 Protection against plugging in the module backwards. We have all done this once.

Line up the pots .. don't solder yet.


Another one done. :-)

+ NLC Build notes& BOM
+ NLC wiki - description & usage of the Bin sequencer
+ Bindubba 1 & 3 sequencers with Kilpatrick Phenol
+ NLC blog (old)

You can find more NLC builds here.

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