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Sat arvo Jam - 10th Jan 2017

A great way to spend a Sat arvo with Paul (aka Cobramatic) ,
Messing around with some euro mainly today.   ....and a video synth and a the Makenoise 0-coast.

Paul showed me some great new modules .. two by Intellijel... the Rain maker & Plonk.
These are both digital.

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The Rainmaker.... it a deep complex digital sound processor that can create resonant sounds that go into the "pseudo physical modelling territory". loads of precets.
Its much more than just a delay.
It has 16 taps, each with has its own resonant filter (LP/BP/HP) and granular pitch shifter.
In addition to being able to save the type of filter at each step, you can set resonance & cutoff frequency.
They can even self oscillate . The pitch shifter has a range of +15 semitones to -16 semitones.

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You can probably view this as a drum module that specialises in making percussive sounds... natural and unnatural. I've never really been into digital, but i was impressed with this one. i´m absolutely in no doubt that the Plonk will pair VERY well with a Rings.
The Plonk definitely emits very realistic sounds of the mediums it tries to emulate but it's capable of some very alien sounds too!

It's not a samplier, it uses physical modelling. A microprocessor calculates the type of sound that is produced ...depending on the characteristics of the membrane (called the resonator) and the percussion device (the exciter). 

So its uses mathematical modelling.
Plonk offers several types of resonators: beam; marimba; drumhead; membrane; plate; and string.
There are 2 types of percussion devices: a mallet and a noise source.

There are 128 user preset slots with import/export via USB. These come filled with factory presets designed by Richard Devine and AAS.


The video synth I tested yesterday ia the new Vidiot by LZX.
It arrived only Friday so I did the big unboxing yesterday.

Here are some quick videos to show you what we came up with in just one arvo.
Lots of variation. I think its a great synth and a good way to begin your journey if you are new to video synths.
Even if you have a big LZX system, I think this is still useful as its size makes it perfect for live gigs.

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