Sunday, 25 November 2018

Patch & Tweak - Exploring Modular Synthesis

This arrived in the post on Friday. What a wonderful wonderful book. 320 pages of bliss.
This follows the hugely successful "Push, Turn, Move" book.

Patch & Tweak covers many of the different formats including Euro, Buchla, Serge, etc

It's packed with interviews of modular artists including Robert Rich, Bana Haffar, Caterina Barbieri, Russell E. L. Butler, Ian Boddy, NODE, Robin Rimbaud / Scanner, Hans Zimmer, Andrew Huang, Richard Devine, Lady Starlight (Colleen Martin), and Hataken

Plus it covers many of the brands important today in the modular world such as Verbos, WMD, Make Noise Music, Intellijel,, Frap Tools, 4ms Company, Noise Engineering, Rossum Electro-Music, Erica Synths, Mutable Instruments, etc

 It doesn't matter if you are just getting started in modular synthesis, or have been doing this for many years. I'm sure you will really like this book.

The book covers many of the components and methods used in  the modular & semi modular world.
Systems and setups, Audio sources (eg VCOs, drums, sampling), Audio Modifiers (eg VCFs, VCAs waveshapers, effects),   CV sources (Envelopes, LFOs, Random sources, etc), Logic, sequencers controllers & keyboards, etc etc ... lots of ground is covered. There is so much in this book.

and also covers its history.

There are articles on rare modules, patching techniques, software, computers etc 

The author is Kim Bjørn  & the co-author is Chris Meyer.
The foreword is by Suzanne Ciani.

+ Kickstarter
+ Push Turn Move
+ Learning Modular
+ DivKid interview

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