Wednesday, 7 November 2018

LZX Castle Video Synth - 001 DAC

Some build pics of the 2nd module in the Castle series.
The 001 DAC - Digital to analog converter.
This module is in Eurorack format.
iT'S 4HP and all through hole.

 The 001 MODULE is a Digital to Analog Converter. It's a dual module to convert two 3-Bit data streams into two Analog approximations.

Think of it as a pair of summing mixers.
In audio, a summing mixer turns multitracks into stereo.

"The DAC can take the 3 bits from the adc (or anywhere else) and recombine them as an 8 level single stream output. Think of it kind of like a mixer, but it has preset levels for D0, D1, and D2." (Philip)

With the DAC, the data streams are mixed to make an analog signal with the MSB (most significant bit) having the most amplitude and the LSB (least significant bit) having the least. "Pair it with the ADC to produce a solarize effect counter to synthesize waveforms"

a 10 pin power header is needed

LZX - Castle
00_000 ADC - Analog to digital converter
01_001 DAC - Digital to Analog converter
02_010 Clock VCO
03_011 Shift Register
04_100 Multi Gate
05_101 Quad Gate
06_110 Counter
07_111 Flip flops

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