Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk1

I think I'm finally going to sell one of my treasures.
No it's not the ARP 2500 or any Buchla! In monetary terms it not in their league.
This is more of a sentimental loss.

I friend wants to buy my Pioneer CDJ 1000. It's a Mark1 .... the first CDJ I bought. This was back in 2001.

I'm trying to create some room so it seems logical to sell, and I have some fine Pioneer 2000 Nexus's
which do everything except cook my dinner.

Back in 2001 I think I paid something like $3000. I only bought one .. it was all I could afford.
But it allowed me to play my own tracks in the club.  I used one vinyl deck & one CDJ1000.

The CDJ-1000 (retroactively known as the mk1 after the release of mk2) is generally accepted as the first CD player that can accurately emulate a vinyl turntable - including the ability to scratch - This is why it quickly became the market leader and the club standard.

 The original mk1 was discontinued in 2003 during the introduction of the mk2 into the market.

 The CDJ-1000 (and its reincarnations) are currently the most widely used DJ-style CD decks to be found in the booths of the world's best nightclubs.

 I'm half hoping my friend changes his mind and decides not to buy this. There are MarkIIs galore but few Mark Is. Like the Technics 1200 is considered to be a icon of the 20th century, I think this will come to be recognised as a icon of the 21st century.

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