Tuesday, 17 September 2019

211 power supply

Some pics of the Buchla Format 211 PSU

Perfect for a small system.
These are personal pics to help trouble shooting the build.
They are not official build notes.

The build however looks pretty straight forward except for one surface mount component (IC3).

Get those ICs on first.
There are 3 ICs
LM2575 IC1 1 926-LM2575SX-5.0NOPB
LM27313 IC2 1 926-LM27313XMF/NOPB
LM25575 IC3 1 926-LM25575MHX/NOPB

Some closeups:

IC 1: LM2575
 The LM 2575 is a switching, step down voltage regulator
The LM2575 and L3  inductor are used for the +5V supply.


IC2 (LM27313) and the inductor L2 are used for the +15V supply.


IC 3 

This IC is a voltage regulator. LM25575
It supplies -15V (along with the L4 inductor)


Quite tricky to solder by hand.

Those inductors


+ All about inductors

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