Monday, 9 September 2019

Oberheim Xpander - notes

Revisiting the Xpander

 It's a beast. Some of the fattest sounds ever. (I'd love to hear a matrix 12 one day).

The Xpander has 6 voices which are completely independent
tHE voices can have different sounds and can be controlled on different midi  or CV/gate channels.

tHE interface can be quite intimidating at first.

tHERE are 6 individual voice outs on the back

The synth is made up of 3 sections (working from left to right):
1). The Master & programmer section
2). Modulation Source X select & Page Modifier
3). Single / Multi Patch Page Select

1). The Master & programmer section

The Master section contains volume, tune page & Master page controls.
The programmer selects & stores patches.

In the programmer, patches can be recalled by pressing 2 digits or using the + or - buttons on the keypad.

The patch can be single or multi ( the left most digit will show "M" or "S".)
The next digits show the patch number & name.
The xpander is always in edit mode.
Once a parameter in a patch has been changed, a little dot will show up next to the patch number.

To compare the edited patch to the original hit the single or multi-patch (depending on which patch mode you are currently in) button again.
(if you are in single mode and you press the multi button, you will switch to the multi patch mode)

To save a patch hold down the red store button while typing in the 2 digit number location of the new patch.

The last 3 digits  will read out the name of the current patch page.

Pressing any two digits on the keypad, will select a new (multi) patch.

2). Modulation Source / X select & Page Modifier


You access the modulation page parameters by pressing one of the (single or multi) page buttons for the function you want to modulate.

Modulation Source & X select
This is where you select or delete modulation sources (like levers, pedals & keyboards) and envelopes (LFOs, ramps, or tracking generators). Above the buttons are labels indicating possible sources.
Below these buttons are numeric X-select buttons used to choose a source that has multiples (like one of the 5 envelopes or one of the 5 LFOs)

If you want to delete a modulation, press and hold that modulation button, and then press "clear".(extreme right button).

The Page modifier
The buttons are used like on/off switches to access modulation pages.
The knobs change settings.

3). Single / Multi Patch Page Select

These are also refered to as the "primary pages"
This is where you select the patch pages. (single or multi).

There are 6 main pages or sets of controls.
Single patch pages are used to program single sounds. (ie, they are assigned to each voice).
Multi patch pages control all 6 voices in tandem.

If you press a page button, the last 3 digits of the name of the patch page will be displayed on the Programmer LED display (1) & the controls for that page will appear in the Page Modifier section.

If the Xpander is in Single patch mode these are the pages (they correspond to the 9 buttons):
1. VCO1
2. VCO2
3. VCF / VCA
4. FM / LAG
5. ENV X
6. LFO X
7. Track X
8  Ramp X
9. Misc

If the Xpander is in Multi Patch mode these are the pages:
They are shown in grey on the right side of the front panel and are accessed by 7 buttons)
1. Transpose
2. Volume
3. PAN
4. VIB (vibrato)
5. CV/Midi
6. Zone
7. Misc

Tuning the Xpander
1.Go to the tune page.
2. Select all
3. wait for each item to pass the test.

+ Music radar

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