Sunday, 11 January 2015

Synton Fenix 1 - Filter modulation

A first test of a Synton Fenix I.

This has the serial No 18. She was built on Feb 10, 1998 for CW.
I'm very very lucky to find this (esp in Australia) as these are no longer produced.
These puppies are pretty rare. I understand that that only 75 exist.
I'm hoping she will intergrate well with my Serge, Driscol & NLC synths.

The Fenix uses the standard 1V/Oct for pitch.
Audio levels are 4V peak to peak.
Control volatges are  -4/+4 or 0-8 Volts.

One of the really nice things about its design is the seperation between
the knobs & the patch points. A common problem with my Serge is that mass of interconnecting
cables hiding access to the knobs.
The Fenix has a nice clean organised design
Audio outputs are green, CV outputs are blue, and all inputs are black.
Nice & simple.

In the video I'm using just three modules (excluding the mixer):
VCO 1 - sine,square,ramp (& sub-oscillator 1 (a square wave 1 oct down) and sub-oscillator 2 )
VCF 3 - A low-pass filter. It has both 12db & 24db slopes plus 3 audio inputs.
LFO 1 - +ve triangle & square.

You can download the audio here:

Another thing I like about the fenix is that every module is different.
Every VCO, LFO & filter is unique within the system.
There are 3 VCOs, 3 LFOs, 3 filters, four VCAs, 5 mixers, 3 EGs, 2 Ring modulators, etc etc.

Everything is sequenced by a Doepfer Dark Time.



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    1. Hello Evgeniy,
      Sorry, no it's not for sale.
      I've only just bought it myself.
      Cheers J