Friday, 30 January 2015

Korg PS 3200 & Volca Beats.

I just love mixing up my Korgs.
Here we have a old 1978 Ps-3200 & a modern Volca Beats.
They are sequenced via a Doepfer Dark time.

My thanks to Paul for tweaking the gear. I'm currently waiting for the Korg SQ-1 and when it's here I'll definitely upload more videos.

The Dark time uses the V/Oct standard.

The CV design of the MS-20, MS10, and the PS-3200 always used the Hz/V standard.

This provides excellent pitch stability, however it also limits the number of the step sequencers that are able to correctly control the PS3200. The Dark Time is working well in this instance as it's using midi, not CV and gate. My PS-3200 has been midified.

And yes, GATE OUT Polarity (+ polarity vs - polarity) and SYNC IN/OUT Polarity ie, + (rise), - (fall) can also be a problem  

Korg uses S-Trigger ("short circuit trigger", sometimes called "negative trigger"). This involves keeping the voltage high, and then shorting the trigger circuit whenever a note is played.

The Dark Energy uses a positive trigger which is also called V-Trigger  or "voltage trigger". This method involves keeping the voltage low (around 0 V) and producing a fixed positive voltage to indicate when a note is played.

As a descendant of the SQ-10, the SQ-1 supports the Hz/V standard so it should enable me to perfectly control the MS-20 or MS-20 mini and the PS3200.
Until then, the Dark Time is doing fine.

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