Wednesday, 28 January 2015

TKB Build Notes - Index - The Human Comparator Kit

TKB Build Notes - Index - The Human Comparator Kit.
This is the main Index for the build notes for the Serge TKB (Touch Keyboard Sequencer).
Many thanks to Zthee (The Human Comparator) for making this build possible.

I'm documenting my experiences as I put the TKB together to help me trouble shoot in the future .
Hopefully, this will also help others in their quest to build the TKB & more importantly, to learn the
Art of Electronics & of Electronic Music.

1. Pics of the kit before starting.
2. Some pics and info of a vintage TKB.
3. Starting the build - main PCB -  resistors, diodes, headers, caps, etc.
4. Main PCB - Transistors & ICs
5. Pot boards.
6. The Touch Keyboard (Installing the LEDs)
7. Front panel assembly.
8. Wiring up the touch keyboard
9. Installing the S2 & S3 Ribbon cables.

This index will be updated as the project progresses. 

The official build notes of the Human Comparator 

The original build notes for the TKB kit from the 1970's are here: 
Official modifications to the TKB from the1970's are here:  
Intro to the Serge Modular Music System

Muffs has a great thread here:
Zthee's previous project was the TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred).
This is a clone of one of the greatest synthesizers of all time, the mighty ARP 2600.
My build notes for the TTSH are here:
TTSH Build Notes

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