Monday, 10 August 2015

4SEQ - NLC Sequencer - Build Notes

The NonLinearCircuits Bindubba 1 & 3 are some of my favourite sequencers.

The 4Seq eurorack module combines aspects of both. It has just 4 stages but the direction can be controlled by a gate to go forwards or backwards, so you can end up with some very complex patterns. It also gives CV outputs that are the reverse of each other, if outX is counting 1,2,3,4 then outY counts 4,3,2,1. The gate outputs are /2, /4, /8 & /16 divisions of the incoming clock signal.

Here are some pics of the virgin PCB & panel:
Most of the components are through the hole but there are 32 resistors & 3 caps that are SMD. These passive SMDs can be 1206 or 0805
This is a great project if you need to get your SMD soldering skills up to scratch. All ICs are thru-hole.
so it is a very easy build.

Andrew's BOM & build notes are here:

The Bindubba 1 was a 4 stage shift sequencer. (A cross between a ASR & CGS sequential switch)

The Bindubba 3 was a 16 stage vertical/horizontal, bi-directional matrix sequencer.

First solder those SMDs. The solder I used was a standard 0.7mm thickness.

Next, IC & the power headers:
The ICs are a CMOS counter (4029), a dual 4 channel multiplexer (4052), and two op-amps (TL072 & TL074)

Resistors, diodes & trannies. The transistors are all NPN BC547s. Diodes are standard 1N4148s

The four 100k pots: (B-type)
And the jacks:

Finally, install the LEDs.
You're done :-)

1. Muffs thread.

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