Sunday, 16 August 2015

NLC Timbre - Build notes

These are the build noted for the NonLinearCircuits (NLC) Timbre module.

This is based on the Buchla Timbre circuit which can be found in the Buchla Easel / 208 panel
 and the Buchla 259 oscillator.

It's a awesome wavefolder that can convert a simple wave (eg: a triangle or sawtooth) into a complex waveform rich in overtones.

Andrew F has added a simple tri2sine converter input, along with the regular input, and buffered output.
The NLC build notes are here:

As usual, install the IC & power headers first.
Resistors & diodes next.
I've replaced the100k*  with a 120k which should give approx.5V peak to peak.
If you're installing this in a Buchla system you may want to fiddle with this value (maybe 240k) to give 10Vpp.

IC's in.
Along with the J112 transistor & that 15uF cap. I've used a 50V one.

Insert the pots (B100k) & the 5 jacks.
I haven't soldered the grounds yet in the above photo.

You're done!

1.  ModularSynthesis - the Aaron Lanterman adaptation of the Buchla Timbre/Crossfader
2. Aaron Lanterman schematics
4. Ecalpemos/nl
5. Ken Stone (CGS 52) - simple wave folder
6. Ken Stone (CGS 29) - Wave Multiplier
7. JHaible - wave folder
8. Oakely Sound - Discontinuity
9. Muffs thread on troubleshooting the Timbre

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